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Car Service or Rideshare? Here are 7 Reasons to Pick the Limo Company

If you’re at the office and get a last minute call to meet friends at the bar across town, rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber can be a good option. But what about other times? Date night, heading to the airport, or getting together with friends for a girls or guy’s night out can all be better – and potentially cheaper – with a limo service like Chic’s Limousine.

7 Reasons to Choose a Limo over Lyft or Uber

Here are the top seven reasons you should choose a car service over rideshare.

Professional Drivers

While there is a minimum set of requirements to become a rideshare driver, it’s nothing compared to what it takes to be a chauffeur. Chauffeurs are trained professionals and the best car services make sure that their drivers receive on-going training throughout their careers.

Well-maintained Equipment

Town cars, limos, and party buses are the assets that make up a car service company, and as such limo companies take a great deal of pride in maintaining these vehicles to the highest standards. With regular maintenance and a dedicated staff for cleaning and supplying the vehicles, you’ll never wonder what shape your ride is in when it arrives.

Comfort and Luxury

No one would argue that limos and town cars are known for luxury. Luxury seats, high-end appointments, and even amenities such as drinks, music, and TVs await you in the back of a limo. With a rideshare car? You have no choice – your driver is assigned to you, and you won’t know until they arrive how clean or comfortable your trip will be.

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Drivers Familiar with the Route

While a Lyft or Uber driver might know the immediate area you’re getting picked up in, take them outside of their comfort zone and you may be looking at a trip filled with confusion and extra time. Chauffeurs service the entire area you’re traveling in, and many have been doing it for years.

Dedicated to Service

Even in their ads, rideshares refer to working for them as a “side hustle”. Their commitment to service and your comfort isn’t guaranteed. A chauffeur, however, is a service professional, whose goal is to ensure that you arrive at your destination safely, on time, and in comfort.

Accommodate Large Groups

Ever try to get a Lyft or Uber with a large group? At best you’ll be able to cram 5 or 6 people into a rideshare car. With a really big group? You’ll end up booking several rides just to get everyone where they are going. Wouldn’t you rather all ride together, and have fun at the same time? With a limo company, you’ll have options for your group, from one or two people in a town car to 40 of your closest friends in a party bus – complete with dance floor, bar, sound systems, and large screen TVs.


This might surprise you, but depending on your trip, a limo service is sometimes cheaper than rideshare, especially with a large group or a longer trip. And rideshares change their rates for peak times, so you won’t be sure what you’ll pay. With a car service, you’ll know upfront exactly how much your trip will cost.

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